keltek roadshow

Our annual Roadshow is a way we give back to a public safety industry that gives so much to us. This event is, and always will be, FREE. It is an event designed to inspire and entertain hundreds of public safety professionals. So that your department knows We’ve Got Your Back.

Relationships are at the core of what we do. We have brought together industry experts who are passionate not just about contributing to public safety but also empowering you!

The ROADSHOW is hosted by KELTEK, and we’re proud to bring together a community of industry professionals that come together to learn, get inspired, and grow!

630AM                  Vendor Set-Up
8:00AM                Registration
9:25AM                Keynote Speaker
10:15AM               Vendor Time
11:00AM              Track Session: A
12:00PM              Lunch
1:00PM                Track Session: B
2:10PM                Vendor Time
2:40PM               Carrier Panel
3:50PM               Giveaways & Thank You’s
hospitality night

What:  Bags Tournament, Taco Bar, Live Music, Free Food & Drinks

When: Tuesday October 8th  6pm-9:30pm

Where: Prairie Meadows Pavillion



Bringing It Back to Our Roots

This year KELTEK decided to bring our event back to Baxter, where it all began over 23 years ago. From Kelly working out of his garage as a one-man show to serving the majority of Iowa’s public safety departments. We are proud of our roots and want you to experience the small town, welcoming feeling of Baxter Iowa.

You will see some familiar faces and get a feel for our company culture, goals, and just how important that it is that WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK in every decision we make.

What do you do when the pain of life, the job, the relationships with coworkers, all become too much? What do you do when all you know and love, unravels? What do you do when you’re abandoned, passed over, shamed and rejected by those in the “brotherhood?”

We want you to know that there is a place where you can turn to for help. A place where you can find healing and acceptance. If this is you, you no longer have to continue living in the pain. You no longer have to continue to hurt and feel the despair of wondering what’s wrong and never getting better.

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